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The Alan Stephenson & Jan Saunders Family Website
About Alan
The basics: B.S. in Mathematics (Wilkes College) and Master's degrees in Mathematics and Statistics (Penn State). 20-year career in aerospace and defense software (a few of which with Alan).
Since 1994, Jan has studied calligraphy and various other painterly art forms, taking classes with many renowned instructors. She was an active member and officer in the Sea Scribes Calligraphy Guild (Carmel, CA), participated in the International Calligraphy Conferences in 2001 and 2007, and is a regular participant in the Literally Letters workshops at Ghost Ranch, (Abiquiu, NM) and in the Letters CA Style Mini-Conferences (Pomona, CA). She is a member of the Calligraphy Society of Arizona and the Society for Calligraphy in Los Angeles. 
After moving to Sedona in 2003, Jan became an active member of the Sedona Arts Center (SAC) and a juried member of the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society (NAWS). 
Her work has been shown in numerous venues, and she has received a number of local and national awards (please see the 'Jan's World' section of this web site).
The basics:  BA in Math (Wyoming) and an MS in Operations Research (Stanford), much of which has been forgotten.  4 years as an officer in the Air Force ('68 - '72), all in San Antonio. 21 years as an engineer and project manager at a small engineering company in Palo Alto (Systems Control, now defunct). Then he got burned out, semi-retired and now dabbles occasionally in Angel investing with an investment group in Incline Village, NV.
Mostly, he enjoys traveling, motorcycles, and tennis. Jan and Alan have enjoyed motorcycle vacations in Europe, New Zealand, Namibia, Morocco, South America (Alan only), Baja, British Columbia, Newfoundland, and Alaska. Alan has taken dirt bike trips in Copper Canyon, Moab, various places in AZ, plus 10 or so high-performance classes, both racetrack and off-road.  It's a passion. 
So is tennis and everything-Apple, but I ran out of room.
More than anyone will ever want to know about Alan's bikes can be found under 'Alan's Bike Pages.'
About Jan