2021 Ducati Multistrada V4S/Sport
This bike is substantially lighter than any of my BMWs, far easier to ride around town, and much more fun.  I found myself never riding the Panigale, so I sold it.  Down to 1 bike for the first time in 20 years.  Yet, it will still carry 2 people with luggage, in reasonable quiet and comfort.   For being only 2 years old, it's been around.
The first trip was to Lake Tahoe, with a photo op in Death Valley.  As I have mentioned before, most motorcyclists consider the little sign that says "Park Off Pavement" as a suggestion (as well as quite a few other signs).

Miles - Alan
Miles - Jan
BMW R-1200GS
KTM 690R
Ducati Monster
BMW S1000R
Ducati V4S
Multistrada V4S

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Grand Canyon - This was Jan's first trip on this bike, and her first trip since the pandemic.  Didn't stray too far from home.
And then to British Columbia, the Yukon (a little bit), and Skagway (AK). Above is Hyder (AK), right next to the pier.  To the left is Carcross (BC), just outside Skagway.  Sunny day, but not exactly ice cream weather.  My GS and GSA were also at these places, so I couldn't pass on the photo op.