2019 Ducati Panigale V4S
Miles - Alan
Miles - Jan
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Ducati V4S
Multistrada V4S

Alan's Bike Pages
This is my newest "everyday" bike.  As I said on FB, it has no redeeming social value whatsoever.  It's not the most versatile.  Can't ride it very far without my arms, neck, knees, and rear end getting tired and sore.  But then, it's needs gas all the time anyway, so there's plenty of chance to rest.  The specs are phenomenal, but I'm going to make you look them up for yourselves.
In the first 2 months, it had 2500 miles and a track day.  One thing I get a kick out of, maybe of interest to those of you who know bikes, it that I bought 6 track day photos.  In 3 of them, there is another bike next to me - probably passing, but that's the value of stop-action photography.  Those 3 bikes are an Aprilia RSV4 (shown here), another Ducati like mine but in carbon fiber trim, and an MV Augusta F4.  This was a tough crowd, and it was the 'B' Group!